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Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Mascot and Logo of Luoyang "2009 World Stamp Exhibition"

Visit the World Stamp Exhibition,and Meet in the City of Poney
The Exhibition Mascot: The Tree Peony Messenger
Design Illustrate

1. The mascot “the Tree Peony Messenger” selects the Tree Peony as the major image, the city flower of Luoyang where China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition is hosted, adopting the technique of personification, with obvious regional characteristics.
2. The Tree Peony Messenger holds the stamp on which “CHINA 2009” is printed, like the flying goddess, spreading the information on the China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition to the whole world.
3. The Tree Peony Messenger has the pleasant smile and strong affinity. She enthusiastically welcomes the foreign and domestic guests to the grand gathering China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition.

Description of Exhibition Logo
1. The exhibition logo is composed of the images of the Old City Tower of Luoyang, peony, flying pigeons, stamp, the Earth and the characters of “China 2009”.
2. The seven flying pigeons vividly depict a blossoming peony and spread to the whole world the message of Luoyang’s China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition; the pigeons also embody peace and development.
3. The Old City Tower and the peony highlight the long history, brilliant culture and regional characteristics of the hosting city of Luoyang. The gradually changing blue color symbolizes the harmonious future.

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