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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Macau ATM:3-Stars and 2-Stars

        On  19/10/1993,Macau issued the first ATM "General Post Office".From 1993 to 1998,there were only Klussendorf ATM machines for work.During this time,there were two printing styles of the value "0.5 MOP" in fact:"3-Stars" and "2-Stars".Please see the above pictures.
        One of my Macau friends told me that only 4 Klussendorf machines for use at first month,and all the printing styles of value 0.5 MOP were "3-Stars".Because somebody thinked it's diffcult to distinguish the value "0.5 MOP" and "5.0 MOP",then other Klussendorf machines all had changed to "2-Stars" at the begining of work.But I want to know the exact reason and when changed the printing style.I hope get answers from some friends.Thank you!